Medical Coding


Medical Coding Services

Medical coding services for health care practices, centres and surgical facilities. We're among the leading medical billing and coding services supplier that empower a workflow to minimize mistakes, accelerate the billing procedure and decrease earnings loss. Our team has experience of providing coding services for virtually every specialty.


How it Works?


Our coding team is well versed and highly adept in providing services for example:

  • Boost your coding precision
  • ICD 10 CM, CPT, HCPCS, NDC and Modifiers
  • Provider note Audits and Code Reviews
  • Specialty and Payer special coding requirements

Medical Coding Solutions

Patriotmedbill prides itself in providing quality and dependability beyond the normal scope of a medical billing and coding service at the same price.We supply a lot more than data entry and maintain transmission services we guarantee your claims are correctly submitted to the insurance provider the first time dependent on the individual carriers prerequisites.

Likewise, with all our Medical Coding Services we enable you to fulfil the financial and compliance aims of your company efficiently!

Our Medical Coding Services Include:


Medical Coding: Patriotmedbill supplies services as a medical coding firm to change health care investigation, procedures, medical services, and gear into generic medical care codes.

Denial Management: If asserts aren't handled properly they result in significant loss to the doctor. Patriotmedbill aids in reviewing and correctly coding the refused claims to get the correct settlement of the service supplied.

Medical Auditing: Amongst other medical coding companies, we guarantee the finest liability-free performance by conducting internal and external reviews of coding precision, policies, and processes.

Backlog Coding: Our medical coding services cater the pending claims in the backlog which were accumulated over time.