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Insurance verification is the first and most significant step in the medical billing and coding process. Denied claims can become a massive waste of time and money for any practice. Insurance verification and authorization are crucial in accelerating physicians' reimbursement process. Most of the claims get denied due to errors in insurance eligibility. The physicians and their practice staff have no way of knowing if a patient is eligible for coverage without verifying this information directly with the health insurance company.
If you are looking for ways to focus on the revenue cycle management process, Patriotmedbill can help with expert healthcare practices reducing the accounts receivable cycle and increasing revenue. Our dedicated team of experts in Insurance Verification Services Houston will superior process workflow reduces your time to generate clean claims. We handle end-to-end insurance verification requirements, ensuring the accuracy of claims submission offering maximum satisfaction. Our standardized process assures faster turnaround times. 


The Importance Of Insurance Verification In Houston


  • Helps in Increasing Revenue

  • Minimizes Claim Rejections and Denials

  • Increases Patient Satisfaction

Our End-to-End Insurance Eligibility Verification Process in Houston


  • Patient Registration - The process of confirming insurance eligibility starts the moment a patient is admitted to receive medical care.

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification - This step is to verify the eligibility criteria for patients and whether the patient has the appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Audit – We check for any errors or inconsistencies before submitting the documents and contact the insurance companies for an authorization approval

  • Collections – Patriotmedbill follows up on the patient accounts to ensure any claims, reimbursements, or any other information is missing on the billing.

Patriotmedbill Specializes In The Following Insurance Eligibility Verification Services – 


  • Checking Documents 
  • Attesting Patient's Insurance Coverage
  • Following Up with Patient 
  • Appeal for Insurance Denial Process
  • Decisive Submission Process
  • Spotting Business Process
  • Enhancements 
  • Categorization of Insurance Verification 

Why Choose Us for Insurance Eligibility Verification Services?


  • HIPAA compliant – Patriotmedbill serves a specific segment by catering to the strict documentation procedures that meet HIPAA compliance.

  • Assured Data Protection – We deploy firewalls and embrace various transmission methods comprising VPNs, SSLs, and encryption methods, ensuring data protection.

  • Functional Training – At Patriotmedbill, we carry out regular training sessions to help our team members get familiar with new technologies and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • Accurate Claims Audits – Regular audit is conducted according to the insurance protocols to find mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. 

  • Great Accuracy – Our deep-rooted experience in insurance and billing services in Houston allows efficient management of the revenue cycle for speedy processing of claims with great accuracy.

  • Robust Technological Competencies – Our team uses high-end technology to bring down the expenses, generate new leads and scale up the level of accuracy in our work.

  • Quick Turnaround Time – Our quick verifications services ensure timely reimbursements facilitating the overall claim reimbursement process.

Insurance Verification & Medical Billing Services

The insurance verification services by Patriotmedbill are driven by a skilled team with broad experience in handling the end-to-end requirements of insurance verification. Our team has a well-defined process to check on the coverage and benefits from different sources to ensure the highest accuracy of claims submission. We also provide medical billing and coding services to standardize the healthcare admission process, guaranteeing faster turnaround times.
Getting an outsourcing partner as Patriotmedbill for your insurance verification process in Houston entitles you with an untroubled service, assuring faster Turnaround Time (TAT) with accurate claims paving the way for increased revenue!

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